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December 31, 2006



Wow! what a wonderful suprise. I am so glad that you visited me. Ofcourse now I am going to be all over your site :o)

I cant wait to see your drawings.

I bought an overhead projector and I want to trace some pictures of myself for self pictures and portaits. I am really facinated by portaits but I havent done it yet, although in highschool I traced the entire Pilgrams Progress onto a card board by overhead projector.


Donna, your list looks wonderful and you sound so excited at the prospect of your new art year! Best of luck with it all. I look forward to seeing what you do!


Susan and Laura,

Thanks for coming by to visit. I do appreciate it.

Susan get that projector and go for it. It sounds like your Pilgrims Progress project was a success, and ambitious.

Thanks again ladies for the encouragement.


How comical! The big web is really like a teeny village, with the same ramblers everywhere.

Good to see your face again. The week teaching at NCCAT seems a long time ago. And I've enjoyed seeing your first posts...


Thanks Marly,

I invited the ladies from your site, as I think they are interesting people.

NCCAT does seem a long time ago. So much has gone on since then, a whole year and a lhalf.

I don't much like the picture of me, but I was taking it myself holding the camera in front of me. I hope to get Dan to take a better one of me to post.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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