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September 09, 2007



Oh, yes, do--that sounds like fun. Great contrast in these two!


I grew up not far from Pilot Mountain in the budding metropolis of Mount Airy! I was always sure we'd drive into that mountain on our trips to the big city of Greensboro! Wow, how my perspective has changed. I heard my son speaking in awe of Pilot Mountain this summer. I'll have to drive up and check it out! I haven't been that way in a little while. I'm glad you are feeling better.


Hey ladies,
Thanks for visiting.

I've missed the deadline for the local art thing this year, but I am working with a friend toward getting it together for next year.

Vanessa, if you decide to come up this way, e-mail me. I'm about 15-20 min. from Mt. Airy, which I'd love to visit again as well.

This painting is from my memories of Pilot Mountian as seen from the Blue Ridge Mountians on one of my trips.

Stone moutain is only about 20 min. from me as well, and always lovely to visit.

As always, I'd love to see anyone who would like to come this way.


the fall festaval sounds like fun.


Wow, Donna, these are SO colorful! Lovely work---it was interesting to read your comment about Schmincke pastels. I've just posted some more info about Schmincke paints. They're amazing. I do hope you're feeling much better, by the way.

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